Research Grants

2009 – 2013 Economic and Social Research Council

Becoming literate in faith settings. Language and literacy learning in the lives of new Londoners (with J.Jessel, C.Kenner, V. Lytra and M. Ruby) Director £620,000

2008 – 2010 Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Developing bilingual learning through partnership between community language schools and primary schools (with C. Kenner) Co-Director £73,000

2008 – 2010 Nuffield Foundation

Developing creativity in the multilingual classroom (with J. Anderson, C. Kelly, C. Kirsch and C. Kenner) Co-Director £93,000

Jan 2006 to Apr 2007 ESRC

Bilingual Learning Strategies in Mainstream and Community Contexts (with C. Kenner) Co-Director £45,000

Jan 2004 to Dec 2004 CityLit

Parental Involvement in Children’s Education (with C. Kenner) Co-Director £20,000

Oct 2003 to Aug 2005 ESRC

Multilingual Europe Seminar Series (with C. Kenner) Co-Director £16,000

Sep 2003 to Aug 2004 Economic and Social Research Council

Intergenerational Learning Between Grandparents and Young Children in East London (with C. Kenner & J. Jessel) Co-Director £42,990

Jan 2000 to Feb 2003 Leverhulme Trust Project Grant

Literacy Practices at Home and at School: Culture, Community and Context (with B. Street & D. Baker) Director £123,854

Nov 1998 to Nov 1999 Economic and Social Research Council

Siblings as Mediators of Literacy in Two East London Communities Director £41,498

Jan 1997 to Dec 1997 . Leverhulme Foundation Generations of

Reading London’s East End Research Fellowship Award Director £9.996

1996 to 1999 European Community with the Ministry of Education, Luxembourg DECOPRIM:

The Development of oral and written communication in multilingual communities (with Luxembourg and Germany) Director £128,000

1994 to 1996 Economic and Social Research Council

Family Literacy History and Children’s Learning (with J. Mace) Director ` £31,350

1993 to 1994 Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Family Literacy and the Bangladeshi Community in Tower Hamlets Director £7,700

1992 to 1993 Goldsmiths College

Family Literacy Practices in Two Communities Director £4,900


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