PhD Supervisions

Olga Barradas, Portugal
Portuguese Students in London Schools: Patterns of participation in community language classes and patterns of educational achievement

Joan Bursch, France
Mind the Gap! Children’s Domestic Writings and their implications for educational practice

Yangguang Chen, ORS Awarded 2000, China
The Negotiation of Equality of Opportunity for Emergent Bilingual Children in the English Mainstream Classroom

Jean Conteh, UK
Success in Diversity: Culture, Knowledge and Learning in Ethnically-Diverse Primary Classrooms

Hong Ding, China
Living Through Ambiguity. The Cross-Cultural Experiences of Chinese Students in London

Rosemary Drury, UK
Young Bilingual Children Learning at Home and at School

Chris Kearney, UK
Education: The Monkey’s Mask: Memory, Narrative, Voice

Clare Kelly, UK
Learning to be Literate: young children’s experiences of learning to read and write at home and at school

Claudine Kirsch, Luxembourg
English primary children learning foreign languages at home and at school: A sociocultural approach to the development of language learning strategies

Amoafi Kwapong, Ghana
Use of the Mother Tongue for teaching literacy in schools in Ghana

Patricia Mertin, Germany
The Role of Culture in Second Language Learning with Special Reference to the Japanese Students at the International School of Dusseldorf, Germany

Aura Mor-Sommerfeld, Israel
Text and Context: Developing Literacy in a New Language through Children’s Literature. A Comparative Study

Leena Robertson, Finland
Early Literacy in Parallel Literacy Classes: Young bilingual children learning to read in English, Urdu and Classical Arabic

Keang-Ieng (Peggy) Vong Macau, China
Towards a creative Early Childhood program in Zhuhai and Macau, the People’s Republic of China

Sachie Saito, Japan
The importance of cross-cultural friendships at Universities in Tokyo


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