2011 December: Opening Key-note at the Literacy Research Association Annual Conference, Jacksonville, Florida, USA – “Invisible Teachers: Becoming literate in a wider community”

2010 July: Opening Key-note at the Cultivating Connexions conference for the National Foundation of Family Literacy, Edmonton, Canada

2010 May: Key-note at the University of Luxembourg; Play, Practice and Performance: The Magic of Language Learning in Safe Spaces

2008 November: Discovering lost knowledge: using children’s home languages in the mainstream classroom. Sexto Simposio: Lengua, Educación e Immigratión, University of Girona, Spain

2008 July. Writing Inequalities: literacy and social class in three primary schools (UKLA United Kingdom Reading Association annual conference) with Ann Williams, University of Liverpool

2008 June. Creating Classroom Cultures in Multilingual Schools. University of Zürich

2008 June. Linking home, school and community in multilingual contexts. Integration and Achievement in a Multilingual Europe. University of Leeds

2008 March. Celebrating Multilingual Voices. Past and Present. Opening key-note at new Centre for Multilingualism, London Metropolitan University

2007 Sept. On Writing Educational Ethnographies: The Art of Collusion. Migrations and Citizenships. International Conference on Ethnography and Education. Autonomous University of Barcelona

2006 May: Bilingual Education in Multicultural Contexts. University of Haifa

2005 July: What counts as reading and learning outside school? And with whom? How? And Why? UKRA (United Kingdom Reading Association annual conference), University of Bath

2004 October: The Art of Ethnography. University of Luxembourg

2004 June: The Importance of Talk in promoting Bilinguality. Bradford LEA

2003 October: Learning about literacy from families. EALAW conference on Achievement and Equity: Institutional Racism and Contemporary Education Swansea, Wales

2003 January: An Introduction to Educational Ethnography. Institut Superieur de Recherches, Luxembourg

2002 September: Guest lecturer in University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

2002 August, Ethnography as a research tool, International Reading Association, Symposium on Literacy Learning in a Second Language, Edinburgh

2001 September, Making Sense of a New World through Literacy, International Conference on Early Literacy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2000 April, Literacy and Young Bilinguals, Ministry of Education, La Paz, Bolivia

1996 June: Autonomous University of Barcelona Learning from the Community: Family Literacy and the Bangladeshi British Community in London (address on work translated into Catalan)

1994 November: (IEDPE) ‘Des actions innovantes pour la réussite de tous les enfants’ Paris

1994 November: The European French Schools `Quand les enfants ne sont pas de la langue d’instruction de l’école’ Paris

1993 Ost-West Tagung:Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Universität und Schule: Forschung und Projekte. Erfahrungsbericht uber ein Projekt zur Förderung des Spracherwerbs bei Kindern aus MigrantenfamiIien durch Verbindung von schulischem und häuslichem Lernen Osnabrück University

1992 `Il se è l’atro’: La Lecture dans les familles originaires de Bangladesh University of Genoa

1992 June: (IEDPE) `Cultural diversity and conflict in the Primary classroom’ Barcelona


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