Journal Articles

2013 ‘Practise, Performance and Perfection: Learning sacred texts in four faith communities in London’ in International Journal for the Sociology of Language, 220: 27-48. DOI 10.1515/ijsl-2013-0012 (co-authors H. Choudhury, A. Ilankuberan, A. Kwapong and M. Woodham)

2012 ‘Translating Faith: Field narratives as a means of dialogue in collaborative ethnographic research ‘ in International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 11(3): 195-213. (co-authors  V. Lytra, A. Ilankuberan, H. Choudhury, M. Woodham)

2012 ‘Syncretism as a creative act of mind: The narratives of children from four faith communities in London’ in Journal of Early Childhood Literacy. DOI: 10.1177/1468798412453151 (co-authors V. Lytra, H. Choudhury, A. Ilankuberan and M. Woodham)

(forthcoming) The ‘Insider/Outsider’ dilemma of ethnography: Working with young children and their families in cross-cultural contexts in Early Childhood Research, Vol. 9, Issue 2 (co-author M. Ruby)

(forthcoming) Ways of Knowing, Ways of Being. Faith literacies and social identification across four transnational communities. Anthropology and Educational Quarterly.

2010 Transliteration as a bridge to learning for bilingual children in International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, Vol.13, Issue 6: 683-700 (co-authors: S. Al-Azami, C. Kenner and M. Ruby)

2010 Teacher partnerships between mainstream and complementary schools: from parallel worlds to connected curricula in NALDIC Quarterly (Vol.7. No.2: 46-48) (co-authors: C. Kenner and M. Ruby)

2010 Modelling and Close Observation: Ways of teaching and learning between third generation Bangladeshi British children and their grandparents in London in Early Years: An International Journal Of Research and Development, (co-authors M. Ruby and C. Kenner) (Vol.30: Issue 2: 161-173)

2008 Bilingual learning for second and third generation children in Language, Culture and Curriculum, Vol.21, No.2:120-137 (co-authors C. Kenner, M. Ruby, S. Al-Azami)

2008 Invited guest editor of NALDIC, Vol.6, No.1 (Autumn) with C. Kenner

2008 Bilingual poetry: expanding the cognitive and cultural dimensions of children’s learning in Literacy, Vol.42:2:92-100 (co-authors C. Kenner, M. Ruby, S. Al-Azami)

2008 Intergenerational learning events around the computer: A site for linguistic and cultural exchange in Language and Education: An International Journal, Vol.22:4:298-318

2007 Intergenerational learning between children and grandparents in east London in Journal of Early Childhood Research, Vol.5, No.3: 219-244 (co-authors: C. Kenner, M. Ruby, J. Jessel and T. Arju)

2007 Intentionality and Expertise: Learning from Observations of Children at Play in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts in Anthropology and Education Quarterly 38:3: 239-259 (co-authors: Long, S. and Volk, D.)

2007 Snow White in Different Guises: Interlingual and Intercultural Exchanges between Grandparents and Young Children at Home in East London in The International Journal of Early Childhood Literacy Vol. 7 (1): 5-25 (co-authors: Arju, T., Jessel, J., Kenner, C. and Ruby, M.)

2007 Gardening with grandparents: an early engagement with the science curriculum in Early Years, An International Journal of Research and Development, Vol.27, No.2: 131- 144 (co-authors: Ruby, M., Kenner, C., Jessel, J. and Arju, T.)

2007 How research can link policy and practice: bilingualism as a learning resource for second and third generation children in NALDIC Quarterly Vol. 5: No.1: 10-14 (co-authors: Kenner, C., Ruby, M. and Al-Azami, S.)

2005 Playful Talk: The Interspace between Home and School Discourse in Early Years: An International Journal of Research and Development, 25, 3. 223-235

2005 The role of grandparents in children’s learning in Primary Practice (co-authors: Kenner, C., Arju, T., Jessel, J. and Ruby, M.) 41-44

2004 Children and their grandparents at home: A mutually supportive context for learning and linguistic development in The Canadian Journal of English in Education (co-authors: Jessel, J., Islam, T., Kenner, C. and Ruby, M.) (forthcoming)

2004 Introducing Literacy to Four Year Olds: Creating Classroom Cultures in Three Schools in The International Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, (Special Edition on The Politics of Early Childhood Literacy ) Vol.4, No.1: 85-107 (co-authors: Williams, A, Baker, D. and Street, B.)

2004 ‘Invisible’ Teachers of Literacy: Collusion between Siblings and Teachers in Creating Classroom Cultures in Literacy (97-105)

2004 ‘With a little help from my sister…’ in Early Education, 43 (Summer): 7-8

a. Getting to Know Strangers: A Sociocultural Approach to Reading, Language and Literacy in Reading Online: International Perspectives (from International Reading Association Multilanguage Literacy Symposium, held in July 2002, Edinburgh, Scotland, following 19th. World Congress on Reading (

2002 Guest editor of Reading Language and Literacy: Multilingual Literacies, (co-editor: C. Kenner)

2003 Sibling Support in Literacy Today, London: National Literacy Trust, 22-23

2002 Many Ways of Knowing: Creating Classroom Cultures in London’s East End in Changing English, Vol.9, No.1: 23-33.

2001 Home to School and School to Home: Syncretised literacies in Linguistic Minority Communities, in Language, Culture and Curriculum, Vol.14, No.1:9-26 (with C. Kelly and A.Williams).

2001 Sisters and Brothers as Language and Literacy Teachers: Synergy between Siblings, The International Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, (Vol.1, No.3: 301-322).

2001 Siblings bridging Literacies in Multilingual Contexts, Journal of Reading Research, Vol.24, No.3: 248-265 (with A. Williams).

2001 ‘Work or Play? The dilemma of ‘acquisition’ versus ‘learning’ in additional language learning’ NALDIC News 23: 7-8

1999 Myths of Illiteracy: Childhood Memories of Reading in London’s East End Written Language and Literacy: An International Journal : 89-111.

1998 Siblings as Mediators of Literacy in Linguistic Minority Families, Language and Education: An International Journal Vol 12,1: 33-55.

1997 The Challenge of Equal Opportunities, Coordinate: The National Early Years Network (8-9)

1996 Repeat After Me, Times Educational Supplement, (28/6/96) Part 2, 9-10 (co-authors, Rashid, N. & Williams, A.)

1994 `Cultural Assumptions and Early Years Pedagogy: The Effect of the Home Culture on Minority Children’s Interpretation of Reading in School’ in Language, Culture and Curriculum’ Vol.7. No.2. (1-14)

1993 `What counts as reading in the early years’ classroom?’ The British Journal of Educational Psychology Vol. 63. No.2 (214-230) *

1993 `Reading between the lines’ The Times Educational Supplement, 15/10/1993, Section 2 p.4 (feature article)

1993 `Sweet and Sour: Learning to Read in a British and Chinese school’ English in Education Vol.27 No.3 (214- 230)

1990 `Negotiation as a Criterial Factor in Learning to Read in a Second Language’ Language and Education: An International Journal, Vol. 4, No.2, 103-115

1989 `Do English eat Octopus?’ Teacher and Child negotiate reading in the multilingual classroom’ English in Education Autumn 1989 pp.13-21

1984 `A Story…A Story. . Linking English, ESL and remedial reading lessons through folk-tales’ English in Education, Summer 1984 pp.40 – 50

1984 `Just the tea-lady or more?’ Child Education, Oct.1984,9

1983 `Investigating the Potential of the Mother Tongue in School’ English in Education, Spring pp. 48-55

1983 ‘Laying Infant Bricks in the Secondary School: An Investigation into the relationship between children needing remedial help in a secondary school and length of time spent in a British Infant school. Language Arts, Vol. 60, No.8 pp. 983-6

Also reprinted by the Open University as part of a Language and Communications distant learning degree course (1995)


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