International Conferences

2011 Invisible Teachers: Becoming literate in a wider community, Literacy Research Association Annual Conference Jacksonville, Florida, December

2011 Practice, performance and perfection: learning sacred texts in four faith communities in London, ISB8 Norway, June

2010 Bangladeshi Muslim children’s learning in faith settings, ESRC Seminar Series on Complementary Schools December

2010 Handing Down the Magic: Literacy as a Gift Between Generations and Siblings Canada, July

2010 March: ELIA conference, Seville: Becoming literate in the Polish Church and Faith Classes in London (paper with J. Jessel and M. Woodham)

2005 November: Language, Education and Diversity, International Conference a University of Waikato, New Zealand: Snow White in Different Guises: Interlingual and Intercultural Exchanges between Grandparents and Young Children at Home in East London (paper with C. Kenner)

2005 November: Language, Education and Diversity, International Conference a University of Waikato, New Zealand: Language Education in Multilingual Communities: Perspectives from Europe and Singapore. Co-ordinator and presenter of international symposium (6 countries)

2005 April: AERA conference, Montreal, Canada: Many Pathways to Literacy: Young Children Learning with Siblings, Grandparents, Peers and Communities Organiser and Presenter of Interactive Symposium (co-speakers: Volk, D. and Long, S.

2004 BilingLatam: First International Symposium on Bilingualism and Bilingual Education in Latin America, Buenos Aires: Bridging Home And School Languages: Siblings, Communities and Teachers (published Research paper)

2002 CIIMU seminar on Diversity and Inequality in Education, Barcelona, Spain: Intergenerational Learning between children and grandparents in East London (with T. Islam, J. Jessel, C. Kenner and J. Jessel) published paper

2002 April: AERA conference, New Orleans, USA: Sociodramatic Play in Multilingual Settings (symposium with Volk, Williams and Long)

2001 November: Cape Town, S. Africa: Introducing Literacy to 4 year olds: Creating Classroom cultures in 3 schools, (with Williams, A.)

2000 September, The International Conference of British Schools in South America, Rio de Janeiro: Key- note: Making Sense of a New World: Learning to read In a second language

2000 April: AERA conference, New Orleans, USA: Many Ways of Learning: Home Literacies in Three Communities, (symposium with Volk, D. and Long, S.)

2000 March, The Ethnography Forum, Philadelphia: Literacy Learning through Play, (with Long, Williams and Volk)

1999 July: IASCL- International Association for the Study of Child Language VIIIth. International Congress, Donastia-San Sebastian, A Different way of Learning: Siblings as Teachers of Language and Literacy in Three Countries (symposium with D. Volk & S. Long)

1999 March: The Ethnography Forum, Philadelphia, USA: Siblings as Mediators of Literacy in Two East London Communities (with Ann Williams)

1998 April: AERA conference, San Diego, USA: A comparison between formal and informal teaching strategies: Children as Teachers and Teachers as Learners (symposium with colleagues from Cleveland State University and University of South Carolina)

1997 March: 18th. Ethnography Conference: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Children as Mediators of Literacy (symposium)

1996 September: ECER Conference, Seville: Family Literacy History and Children’s Home and School Reading Practices

1996 March: 17th. Annual Ethnography Conference: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Children’ s Learning Strategies at Home and in School

1995 October: University of Leipzig European Day: The European Dimension in Education at Goldsmiths’ College


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